Borges, Ficciones


These stories are great, everyone agrees they are great. If you haven’t read them, you are an idiot, and you should go out and buy a copy right now. I was first expose to The Library of Babel when I was 16 years old, and I was at my friends house. There was an 18 year old that was taking a lit class at the junior college by my house, and he explained the entire story to me in excruciating detail, that probably took twice as long as it would have to just read the thing. He was a pretty entertaining storyteller though, and his version has stuck with me somehow longer than Borges’, which I’ve read several times since.

I think sometimes with printer_scanner, I am trying to build a library of babel. I have always enjoyed the idea of the irrational, random, and worthless existing alongside and being a part of all the things we’ve decided that meaning are. I’ve always been confused how people can be so sure of things in life, and I find this reality much more comforting.