Wallace Shawn, The Fever, Night Thoughts


Wallace Shawn is more than just Cyrus Rose on Gossip Girl (his only notable acting role), he’s also a Marxist. He’s written two short books The Fever, published in 1990 and Night Thoughts, published in 2017.

The Fever was the stronger of the two books. They both embody a kind of upper class liberal Marxism. My main takeaway was that Wallace Shawn must have a really really nice apartment. His books drip that energy. I wish I knew him and my life was his life.

Night Thoughts jarringly rehashes the events of the Iraq War which was bizarre as the book was published in 2017. Both books can be read in a single sitting.


⚖️ Expectations vs Reality

I had high hopes for this book because Wallace Shawn seems like a cool guy, but I thought it was lacking depth.

🍻 Would I get a beer with the author?

Yes of course. Obviously. I would move into his house