Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms


At the end of the book, I realized that I had mixed up this book and For Whom The Bell Tolls. This is the book that I actually wanted to read, though, so I had actually double mixed it up. This book hooked me. I read it all in one weekend. The beginning was so beautiful. I read it after a couple of warm days in early spring, and I could still feel the warm air in the sky.

The end of the book was alarming. Things were not going well at all for the protagonists, and there were still 50 pages left, so I knew it was only going to get worse. It reminded me a lot of the ending of 100 Years of Solitude. The ants! I couldn’t sleep the night I finished it, it was so disgusting.

Update: It’s two years later after reading this book. I was up in the night last night and realized it’s possible that it wasn’t random that the books both ended with ants. There might be some sort of thematic connection.