Marx, Capital


I always thought Capital going to be another one of the indecipherable books in this series. In reality, once you make it through the first three chapters, the rest is easygoing. The first three chapters can be confusing, but they lay down the concepts that get expanded upon repeatedly in the last half of the book. So if you start Capital and think it’s too hard for you, be patient.

My advice for tackling books like these: if you feel confused or unsure, keep going. These books do not like to reveal what they are about right at the beginning, you will feel like you are in suspended in air in the early stages of the book, wondering why the author cares so much to define such minute concepts.

Let it wash over you, and usually around halfway through the book, you will have an ‘Aha’ moment where all becomes clear, and you will think that there was no better way to structure the book than what the author did.

If you are looking for a companion piece to the book, I recommend David Harvey’s lectures on Capital.


⚖️ Expectations vs Reality

I expected this book to be boring, dry and indecipherable. The first three chapters were rough, but then it was smooth sailing.

🍻 Would I get a beer with the author?

I would, but I don’t necessarily think it would be fun.