Metamorphosis, Ovid

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I watched the movie Annihilation at a budget theatre in Tucson a month after moving, and it freaked me out so bad I was up the entirety of the next night worrying. There are two sides to what is changeable and mutable. The beautiful, fluid joy of life and love and nature, and the uncontrollable. Ovid's Metamorphosis is the first and Annihilation is the second, though based on the former.

Metamorphosis reminds me of if the fairy tales my dad read to me when I was a kid were dipped in water. Everything is liquid. Everything moves and changes, people change from animal to plant back into people, they change gender. In Metamorphosis, we read the story of Narcissus staring at the water, of King Midas. We see the inspiration for Romeo and Juliet.

The sentences in this book are as unique as the content. Ovid is what most people probably think about when you image Greek poetry. The sentences move and change, and are flowery.


⚖️ Expectations vs Reality

I didn’t think it would live up to it’s name, and it did.

🍻 Would I get a beer with the author?