Plato, The Republic

375 BC

The Republic is a work by Plato concerning the just man and just society. But that's not all. The man has a lot of opinions. Firstly, there are only two kinds of education: music and gymnastics. Everything we do should fit into one of those two categories. Plato recommends banning bookings and that we should criticize any book that has unnecessary violence or un-virtuous thoughts.

Plato also didn't believe in Democracy. Or, he didn't think it was the best form of government. According to him, it attracted power-seeking individuals. To Plato, in a just society, no one should want to rule it. A ruler who steps forward eagerly is not a good one.

The Republic is also where you find The Allegory of the Cave. I don't know if this happens to everyone or if I'm particularly thick-headed. But, I read the allegory, decided it was stupid, and then let six months go by before I realized that I, too, was in the cave.


⚖️ Expectations vs Reality

🍻 Would I get a beer with the author?

NO NO NO NO NO. I know it’s Plato, but I did not like his vibes.