Rand, The Fountainhead


This is my most controversial book opinion: this book goes.

Rory Gilmore, Werner Herzog and I all agree that even if a book is crap and the dumbest people on the planet like it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read it and get PUMPED. You’ll finish it and then you’ll be working on your little architecture project in your room by yourself, and when you finish you will have created something so beautiful specifically because you didn’t ask for help from anyone else, and then finally people will respect you.

Rand pulled me in as a 19-year-old (the only age you’re legally allowed to read this book), because I too hate brown-nosers and people who want to get into the inner circle for no reason at all.

This book was pivotal in some significant life changes. As many of you know, after I finished this book I dropped out of school and flew directly to Montana, where with a pile of stones, I spent the next 18 months carefully constructing my vision of God.